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Moon+ Reader For Windows

Oct 03, 2021 Download Moon+ Reader for Mac PC. Moon+ Reader can be downloaded on a Mac PC in the same way.

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The Over Drive Read app on Mac is actually a web browser supported software program, but it's on this list because it is the officially supported app for borrowing books from public libraries. Although you have to access the Over Drive Read on Mac from a web browser, you can download content for offline reading, listening, or watching. Moon reader, developed by Moon is one of the most popular apps in the Books and Preference category with a 4.3/5 star rating on the Google Playstore. This app for book lovers consists of 12 pleasant themes with day and night modes to choose from. The app includes an online and offline dictionary, accessible instantly to assist the user. Advanced key mapping options embedded within the reader allows the user to assign various gestures to perform different actions as per their comfort. The overall pleasant design and smooth performance of the app make reading on any smart device a much more enjoyable experience. The free version of the app provides with most of its features but includes advertisements, paying for the premium version of the app will lead to the removal of those advertisements. The only other major drawback of the free version of the application is the lack of support for PDF files, upgrading to the premium version will allow you to access those PDF files as well. The reader made for Android and i OS devices can efficiently work on a Windows and Mac PC with the help of an emulator, keep reading to find out how! Contents Amazon Kindle is an application available almost on all smart devices, making it one of the most common and sought for reading application. It allows the reader to read on Kindle, i Phone, i Pad, Blue Berry, Android as well as Mac devices without the need for an emulator. The kindle library consists of over 600,000 different books, including the latest releases and the best selling book of each genre. Kindle provides the reader with a never-ending choice of books to choose from. Amazon Whispersync automatically syncs your last page, bookmarks, notes and highlights to all your devices with the Amazon Kindle app, allowing you to continue reading the book using any one of your devices at any time and from any place. Apple books, also commonly known as i Books, is Apple’s take on an e Reader. They are allowing the user to download and read books on the go. The user can purchase and download their favorite book from the i Bookstore. Browse within the bookstore containing loads of new releases as well as best selling authors and notable books along with your favorite classics. You can tap on any book to open and swipe through the book to turn pages as you add bookmarks and notes to your favorite passage, thus enhancing your overall reading experience. An extensive library of e Books, magazines, newspapers is just a touch away for the reader within the NOOK application. Not only is the app great to use, but it also provides the user with free samples as well as books to read and enjoy. The unique Lend Me technology of this application allows the user to lend a book to his friend or family member. The secured library of the app enables the user to access titles once purchased on any device owned by the user. ☆ All-in-one ebook documents management and Innovative book reader with powerful controls & full functions:• Read thousands of ebooks for free, supports online ebook libraries• Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation☆ Support EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CHM, CBZ, CBR, UMD, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, MD(Mark Down), WEBP, RAR, ZIP or OPDS, key features:✔ Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, justified alignment, alpha colors, fading edge etc.✔ 10 themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher.✔ Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys.✔ 24 customized operations (screen click, swipe gesture, hardware keys), apply to 15 customized events: search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and more.✔ 5 auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page.Epub3 still isn’t all that well supported in the mainstream reading apps but it looks like the independent app developers are starting to make headway. Moon Reader for Android was updated earlier this week, and in addition to the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability changes this app also gained new support for audio and video. Technically the new content support was added in the last update, but I just noticed it this week. Since no one has reported on it yet I am going to regard this story as breaking news. I have tested the free app and can confirm that it supports video. I couldn’t get my Nook HD to take a screen shot, but the video played. And as you can see in the screenshot below, this app also supports a lot of the cooler features found on its larger competitors, including (optional) animated page curl, estimated reading time, and user defined formatting. Moon Reader also appears to support right to left languages like Arabic, though of course I can’t confirm this (I can’t read the language). The app doesn’t appear to support any other Epub3 features, so far as I know, but that’s not a criticism; the developers didn’t claim support for the rest of Epub3. Moon Reader is also on sale this week in celebration of its 3rd anniversary. Act fast and you can get the paid version for $2.50. Moon Reader is described as 'Innovative book reader with powerful controls & full functions: • Read thousands of ebooks for free, supports online ebook libraries • Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation Support epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or' and is a popular e Book Reader in the News & Books category. There are more than 50 alternatives to Moon Reader for a variety of platforms, including Android, i Phone, Android Tablet, Windows and i Pad. Most alternatives are e Book Readers and e Book Library Apps. The best alternative is calibre, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Moon Reader are EPUBReader (Free), FBReader (Freemium), Amazon Kindle (Free) and Apple Books (Free). Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application made by users, for users. Many languages, designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats. Calibre may be a great tool for ebooks on desktop computers (Windows, Linux, Mac) but it isn't an *ebook reader* on Mobile (Android) devices at all. It should be listed as an alternative source for books, but not for the reader app. Amazon Kindle software lets you read ebooks on your Kindle, i Phone, i Pad, PC, Mac, Black Berry, and Android-based device. You can discover and read over 630,000 books in the Kindle Store, including the latest bestsellers and new releases. Automatic detection and display of the list of all supported documents on your device. Apple Books is the single destination for all the books you love, and the ones you’re about to. Read book files in EPUB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, DJVU, FB2, MOBI and CHM formats. Browse the Book Store, join Oprah’s new Book Club, keep track of what you’ve read and want to read, and listen to enthralling audiobooks. Do you like reading books and you want to read books anywhere in the world? So today we have one of the most impressive ebook reader apps with tons of features that make this app worth buying. But you will think that there are thousands of different apps available on the Play Store to read books, but what is so special about this app? Let’s speak this app review gradually up and at the end, you will get something interesting so stay tuned... Moon Program Reader Pro for Android OS is just a godsend for reading lovers! Also, this program is from the “must-have” set for everyone. After all, even if a person is not an avid reader, he still sooner or later may need to view something, quickly read from a mobile device. And this is most convenient to do with the Moon program Reader... Moon Reader is one of the best e Book readers for Android and my number one choice in reading digital books. I started to use it a while back during my university days and it has served me extremely well. Moon Reader - Best e Book Reader Apps Moon Reader The app cleverly renders the pages with a slight shade of yellow to replicate the warm look of a physical book page. It comes with a slew of great features which facilitate your reading exercises. There are multiple ways to control how the e Book reader for Android behaves giving you great measure of customization power... Moon Reader is one of the most popular e Book reader apps for Android, which comes with support for a wide range of file formats such as EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, HTML, MD, and more. The app offers a customizable reading experience by offering options to change settings like line space, font scale, font wright, etc. Moreover, you also get to choose from over 10 embedded themes and switch between Day and Night mode. Depending on how you use your device, there is an option to choose the type of paging (how you like to flip pages) from the touch screen, volume keys, or other options. Besides, the app supports different auto-scroll modes such as rolling blind mode, by pixel, by line, or by page, to save your time scrolling.. Moon Reader is a popular and well-reviewed ebook reader. It supports lots of popular formats and offers a wealth of customization options for reading, highlighting, and similar. The Pro version supports PDFs, offers more customization, and includes reading statistics. If you don't already use Google Play Books or the Kindle app to read ebooks on your phone, this is definitely worth a look... Moon Reader is an Android e Pub reader for hardcore readers. This is also one of those apps that try to simulate an actual page turning effect through animations. The color, speed, and transparency can be adjusted by the user. Furthermore, Moon Reader lets you read books in a dual-pane landscape mode. The app supports all 4 possible screen orientations... As such, you can change the line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, justified alignment, alpha colors, fading edge, etc... If you have grown up by reading printing books, you will not feel easy to read e-books. However, Moon Reader is one of the best android readers for magazines and e-books that will help you to personalize your reading experience on mobile. This app supports various formats, including HTML, rar, txt, zip and many others. You can adjust the brightness, line space and read the way you want... Moon Reader offers a unique reading pleasure by providing fine control over display settings. The app has a status bar that displays your reading progress. It also provides information on your reading progress within the current chapter apart from the whole book. The app is available for free, though a pro version of the app provides additional statistics, such as the number of books in your shelf, pages turned and reading hours. Overall, Moon Reader is a great e Book app for the avid reader... You liked the free version of Moon Reader and decided to go Pro or just bought the Pro version from the very beginning, either way, you’ve made the right choice. Whenever you go Pro with an app, you enjoy features you usually wouldn’t experience with the free version, and the same goes with this app. Moon Reader Pro offers you various more features... Moon Reader is one of the best reading apps available on the internet for mobile devices. Many people are of the opinion that book reading is only good in paper/book form. The advent of Digital Platforms has totally changed the book reading. Many people including me now prefer to read books on mobile devices. One drawback of reading pdfs or e Books on mobile devices could be the small size of the screen. However, that shortcoming can be taken care of by downloading Moon Reader for PC and MAC. Following you will learn how to download and install Moon Reader on Windows PC and MAC... There are times where you get access to a book that won't be imported into another app. With Moon Reader you can read those books with ease and get access to customizable visual options, along with 10 different themes and so much more... This wiki How teaches you start reading books on your Android using Moon Reader. You can download and install Moon Reader at no cost from the Google Play Store, although the free version is ad-supported. Once installed, you can import your e-book files from your Android's storage or download books from free online repositories like Project Gutenberg... If you’re not fond of the Amazon approach, Moon Reader is another of the best ebook readers for Android. It can read formats from e Pub to Mobi and everything in between, has vast customization options, and it even allows for syncing with Dropbox. The app supports PDF, EPUB, cbz, cbr, HTML, zip, rar, mobi, fb2, txt, and chm. For reading various formats of ebooks in a highly customized way, Moon Reader is the way to go.... Moon includes day and night mode, and it allows you to set the font size, bookmark the pages, adjust the brightness when reading, and more. When it comes to pro version it is ad-free and there are some additional features, such as multi-point touch support, more fonts, backgrounds and themes, headset and Bluetooth keys control... Moon Reader is an excellent app and to be honest, it’s my favorite one. I've used Moon Reader Pro since getting my first Android compatible Nook several years ago. It's reliable, the dev is responsive and updates regularly and it's super easy to use... Moon Reader is a simple reader app, similar to Google Play Books with some powerful options and features. The app comes in both free and Paid (Pro) versions, and the Pro version priced at $5 includes more features compared to free one. Also, there is ads in Free version and, the pro version is free of it, additionally TTS, Widget support, etc... Moon Reader is a nifty Android e-book reader app known for its highly customizable interface. While it may not come with a dedicated marketplace, Moon 's UI makes it stand out from the pack. You can set font styles and sizes, backgrounds, spacing, paging modes, autoscroll, multiple view modes and more. The app is free, but a pro version is also available to remove ads and add PDF support, as well as other extra features. If you already have a sizable e-book collection and are just looking for an Android app to read with, then consider Moon for your e-book reading needs... If you have a rich library of ebooks, from various sources and merchants, you should test the Moon Reader application. Moon Reader is an innovative ebook reader designed to give you complete control over your reading experience. It supports 12 file formats - EPUB, PDF, MOBI, CHM, CBR, CBZ, UMD, FB2, TXT, HTML, RAR and ZIP. It has a boatload of options like theming assist, tons of visible choices, auto-scroll, clever paragraphs, twin web page mode (for panorama), and extra. It has the occasional tough edge, however it’s among the many finest choices for many who learn books in P. You can fine-tune the screen brightness and simply tap the screen to switch between day and night modes. This means you won't have to use a service to convert your ebooks. Moon Reader provides links for downloading free ebooks from third-party sources, annotation, synchronization between different devices (using Dropbox) and night mode. The app additionally helps a bunch of codecs like EPUB, EPUB3, and, in fact, P. In Control options, you can change the controls for short press, long press, and multi-touch gestures to your liking. In Visual options, you can set the font type, size, alignment, spacing, and more... Almost everyone reads from smartphones, someone more, someone to a lesser extent. Of course, you need a suitable tool for this function. In this article, we will talk about an interesting reader with many unusual features. Moon Reader Pro – a program for reading books of various formats in the Android system... Moon Reader offers a unique reading pleasure by providing fine control over display settings. The app has a status bar that displays your reading progress. It also provides information on your reading progress within the current chapter apart from the whole book. The app is available for free, though a pro version of the app provides additional statistics, such as the number of books in your shelf, pages turned and reading hours. Overall, Moon Reader is a great e Book app for the avid reader... Moon Reader is an innovative app designed to give you complete control over your screen experience. You can fine-tune the screen brightness and tap the screen to effortlessly switch between day and night mode. In PDF Options, you can change the view mode, increase or decrease the render quality, and enable thumbnail previews on the bottom bar. In Visual Options, you can set the font type, size, alignment, spacing, and more... We are excited to announce that your app Moon Reader has been selected by the Play Store Editors to be part of our Editors’ Choice program in BR, you can view the article here. You have gone above and beyond to delight customers with a high quality app and are contributing to a strong and healthy Play ecosystem. As part of the program, an Editors’ Choice badge has been added to your listing across the store globally. The Editorial team strives to offer an unbiased view of content we deem exceptional. This means that, at times, we will point out an area where we feel an app might be lacking. It is crucial for the team to build a fair and trustworthy voice, therefore the reviews should be considered final. There are people out there, who feel crazy about reading. These people sometimes run out of money to buy books. And sometimes they are obliged to cut the journey with books in order to lighten the luggage while traveling. And there are more of a kind, who feel agitated for not finding the awaited books in the accessible libraries and bookshops... This is probably the best EBook reader app available till date to open and read the offline ebook files. The app is pretty versatile because of its dexterity to unveil the content of a wide range of ebook file extensions. The settings and adjustment buttons are placed meticulously because of which users rarely find difficulties while reading... If you run a search for ebook apps on Google Play and the Apple app store, you’ll find dozens, probably hundreds of different ebook apps to choose from. There are so many ebook apps these days it can be hard to find the best ones, and a lot of them aren’t even worth using... A lot of people have to travel long distances to reach work and while they can certainly play games to pass time, reading is just an overall better way to spend on your commute. Moon Reader Pro is one of the most popular ebook apps on Android. These are some of the best on the go reading apps for Android that will not only allow you to read tons of amazing books but also won’t drain the battery fast... It has an average rating of 4.7 stars with over 90,000 reviews. If you just want one reading app for Android, I would highly recommend that you get this one. It has been on my phone for almost 3 years give or take and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. The interface is highly customizable, the app allows you a fair bit of freedom when reading as well. So, if you want to simply start reading any book you have downloaded, this will work but if you want a little bit of more customization options, this will shine...#1 in apps like Kindle reader on Android More info Install now. Moon Reader is a free ebook reader for Android that supports lots of ebook formats and features many tools for reading, as day/night mode, line space, font scaling, auto-scroll mode and so on. Loved night mode and that I could turn my text alpha down, as well as the highlighting and the chapter navigation. The only real negative is that the dictionary is a little clunky to install; it required me to download two different apps"... Books can be heavy, expensive, and take up valuable space in a cramped apartment. If you've been considering the jump from physical books to ebooks, you'll need to figure out the best e-reader for the job. Thankfully you've got a few options, depending on where you want to get your books, and how you want them to look on the screen. While being able to purchase books from a major retailer and download them to your phone is awesome, sometimes the books you want to read are ones that you already have the files for. Whether you've picked up ebooks from an independent publisher, or you've gotten the files from a now-defunct program, being able to open and read them is key. It has support for 12 different file formats, from files all the way to files. On top of that, you still are able to customize the way words look on the screen, lets you back up your library online, and gives you access to 5 auto-scroll options on top of plenty more fantastic features... The application combines a nice appearance and a large number of functions. Digital books are unlikely to be able to compare with paper as per sensations, and on convenience. From a paper book you feel joy, just when you hold it in your hands. Not to mention the valuable collector's publications with unusual covers and design, which is nice to put on the shelf. Therefore, it is so important to choose a good application for comfortable reading. Moon Reader is a stylish and functional reader that supports all basic text formats, and also works with PDF files and archives... Sometimes we want to read a different work and we end up remembering a book very acclaimed by the readers - But we do not always find the copy in the library of the city or in the nearest bookstore, that is when looking for in the Internet we see that some sites make available e-books for free such as and download the PDF or epub. But not always reading on the tablet or mobile phone becomes something enjoyable because there are few applications that offer a 'delicious' reading of digital books. However, the "Moon Reader" application stands out among other software of its kind... The Moon Reader interface is simple and easy to use. Once the app is started we are taken to an introduction window and instructions for a good use of the application... Nowadays, many people like to read books, but they are hesitant to mention that they can not find any time. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to buy the time to buy the book, as the author says. As a result, many books that can be read while sitting in the car or elsewhere are now shrinking to accommodate our mobile devices... A reader that supports any file format from Moon Reader, e Pub to mobi, mobi to pdf, and the Android version is pretty good. The application works in a stable and smooth way, finds your books by examining the file formats of your phone, and does not stop from creating a folder for you. In school, at work, on the bus, in office, in your free time, you just have to turn on your mobile device and read books without interruption. Moon Reader is one of the few selections on our list that isn't entirely free; the app contains both advertisements and in-app purchases for upgrade to pro versions of the application. Much like Pocket Book, the app is designed to treat your PDFs like e Books, with support for additional file types like MOBI, e Pub, CBR, and CBZ, all common e Book formats. The app even comes with a free e Book of Alice in Wonderland, used to demo how exactly the app works, with page up formatted on the left, and page down formatted on the right. If you're looking for your options, a simple tap in the very middle of the display will bring a full list of settings. However, it's among the best options for those who read books in PDF format. Overall, it's a solid e Book app, with similar design and function to Pocket Book but in a slightly-more modern take on how an e Book app should work and look. Most of the times, I find myself looking for a something to read whenever I am free. Moon Reader is one of the most popular ebook readers. Some of them include theming support, tons of visual options, auto-scroll, intelligent paragraphs, dual page mode (for landscape), and more. However, this ‘good’ habit (or so people say) has its own set of drawbacks... Moon Reader is a typical new age Android app with tons of features and customization methods. Unlike the above two apps, Moon is strictly a reader app which means that there are no built-in stores. It supports a ton of formats, including EPUB, PDF, mobi, ZIP, TXT, HTML, among others. Moreover, the customization options are immense like changing themes, modifying the reader bar layout, etc... As more of our media moves into the digital age, it can be hard to choose between apps to enjoy all of our books, magazines, graphic novels, and more. Here’s a quick peek at the best e Book Readers for Android and the host of features they offer. Each one is unique in some capacity and while some offer paid ad-free versions, most are free so long as you’re willing to buy content from its store. Moon Reader Pro finds itself at the top of this list simply because it’s the most customizable e Book Reader you can find on Android today. Every other reader on this list is limited in the aspects you can customize, while Moon Reader allows you to change every little thing about how the reader works. You can set up custom day/night themes, change to any font you want, control how you turn the pages, and even whether the reader should sync your e-books to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox... I am a bookworm sometimes and I also have things that I study for meetings during the week. My reading needs are mostly met by the Amazon Kindle app. I just like that app and either purchase my ebooks through that store or I convert my ebooks to work in that reader. As I mentioned, I have some things to study on a weekly basis. Since I have an Android tablet I figured why not see how it works out to use that for studying? I wouldn't rely on this tablet as my only source of studying the material. That is mainly to do with the quality of my tablet. I haven't found an app that does what I need better than Moon Reader Pro... Probably this is one of the best possible readers for Android which has a huge quantity of valuable peculiarities. Naturally, the app can open an enormous amount of different document formats... In fact, the reader is very rich in functions and contains absolutely everything that it wants. If you are tired of reading and wish to rest, then just close the program, and the next time you start, you can return to the same page through a bookmark or a quick button to the last page read. Technology allows us to carry our personal library on the go. We can access a wide selection of ebooks and documents on our Android devices at any time, but in order to enjoy the best possible experience, it is important to choose a reader that offers great quality and convenience. That is exactly what you get when you download Moon Reader Pro. This ebook reader stands out thanks to its flexibility and its powerful functionality. It is no wonder why it has become one of the favorite options in Google Play. Let’s find out what makes Moon Reader a fantastic solution to read ebooks on your Android device... The Moon Reader is another free and best e Book reader app for Android that also comes with various functions and features. This is a highly customizable and functional app to take control of your e Book and get better user experience. You can also import your personal e Books with PDF and EPUB formats... The application for reading electronic books and texts favorably differs from other readers not just a large set of functions and settings but also interesting statistics of reading! In Moon Reader, at startup, a list of the last books is displayed, next to each of which is a progress bar showing the percent reading and elapsed time, as well as the speed of reading the book in words per minute. Books can be downloaded from phone memory, cloud storage, and online libraries! After opening the book, you can go to the reading settings... Phones and tablets don’t just have to be about fun and games. You can stuff tons of reading content onto these things and carry more literature in your pocket than even a library could dream of... It’s not tied to any specific e Book ecosystem, but it supports a vast array of e Book formats, has a very customizable (and beautiful) Material Design user interface, and enough options to satiate the needs of beginner and advanced users alike... If you are an avid reader and space is a constraint for you then Moon Reader Pro comes to your rescue. It’s a fully-featured app, which supports most file formats like epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz etc. and brings features like highlights, annotations, night mode, themes, auto-scrolling and more..... Cheers to e-books and online publication, where any bookworm can read thousands of books and publications without the hassle of lugging around books! Although nothing can really beat the smell of a printed books, they can be a bit to carry around. E-books come in handy when we yearn to read our favorite books, and find ourselves away from our collections. What makes this app amazing is not only the amount of books that you can read in it, but that the powerful controls gives readers their preference. Not a problem, adjust it, and add character spacing if you want. A relatively new entry into the scene of ebook reader for Android, Moon Reader has quickly become a user favorite. Built with a simplified navigation menu and the ability to support more than a dozen different textual file formats, Moon Reader has more than what meets the eye. With a suite of text customization options and built-in day and night viewing mode, this ebook reader helps you set a personalized tone to your digital library. Download Moon Reader With multiple auto-scroll modes to make navigation simpler than ever, more than a dozen gestures to control your reading tools and beautiful effects and animations that are aesthetically pleasing, there is no nothing that the Moon Reader app cannot do to give you a tailored reading experience on Android... This is an app Android e Book Reader really very complete and functional! Moon Reader allows you to customize gestures on the touch screen and the functions of various physical keys (eg volume key) to get the most control while reading. You can also customize Moon Reader using the theme that best suits your reading needs, changing font colors and font size. Moon Reader will also allow you to add "highlighters" to your book, synchronize read positions between Android devices using a Dropbox account, manage entire libraries, and access various online archives to download new titles. Moon Reader supports epub, pdf, mobi, chm, fb2, txt, rar, zip, cbr, cbz formats. Moon Reader is a good and customizable e Reader app for the hardcore readers. This Android e Reader app is coming with the real page turning effect with adjustable color/speed/transparent, this Android e Reader gives the user a physical book reading experience. You can easily read any book in landscape orientation with dual page mode and it does support four screen orientations. The Android e Reader comes with backup and restore options to allow the user to save their books anytime. You can easily design your own bookshelf with Favorites, Downloads, Authors, Tags; shelfbook cover etc. There are various types of paging available from the 24 customizable operations and intelligent paragraph to help in reading. One of the most popular ebook reader apps ever on Google Play. Moon Reader is an application that will keep your eyes healthy despite reading ebooks for hours on smartphone devices. Because, Moon Reader has a theme that is very comfortable to look at. A variety of ebook formats can also be read using Moon Reader. On this app, you can read hundreds of free e-books present in its online e-book library. It also provides features like Copy, Highlight, Note, etc. along with various gestures, types of paging, dual page modes and 5 auto-scroll modes. It’s localized in 40 languages including English, Dutch, and Portuguese. This app supports the following file types- epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip and OPDS. There’s no built-in support for defining words with just a quick press of a button like you can on Kindle or Google Play, but with the right apps installed on your device you can give Moon Reader that functionality for free. Granted, some of these solutions aren’t as elegant as what you’ll find from Amazon and Google, but they work well and some even keep a record of your word searches, so you can brush up on that vocab.... Most of the people love to read e Books on their Android phone and tablet. Some device comes with a built-in e Book reader app, but you can consider the Moon Reader app for more functions and features. The app support epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS formats. There is also a premium version of this app available with more features... When it comes to reading ebooks, doing it on a smartphone is not exactly the best case scenario - even if, in recent years, smartphone displays have grown to an average of around 5 inches. Still, many of us are using smartphones to read ebooks at least from time to time, and it's no wonder that there are many apps which let us do just that. If you happen to be looking for the best ebook reading apps for your smartphone (Android or i OS), we've gathered some of them in this article... Everyone tells me that it must be bad for the eyes, that I'm going to be blind, but, honestly, and except for the light on the screen, I think our mobile is a readable platform as much as any other or more. It is important that we choose a good e Reader, like the one I present in this article, Moon Reader that in my opinion is undoubtedly the best in the Play Store, being the most complete, useful and stylized... There's no greater joy for a bookworm than carrying along her favourite book wherever she goes. But that can get a bit tedious if the book is larger-than-life, not just story-wise, but also size-wise. Moon Reader: This is perhaps one of the best reading apps ever invented. A user-friendly app, it allows you to change the theme, layout, font size and colour, track pages, download e-books, and even listen to your downloaded books. Plus, you have access to a lot of free e-books, so that's a bonus... An app that serves as an alternative to the conventional way Android smartphones handle e Books. Extra options and more than a dozen supported formats are the trumps of Moon Reader (Uma app que serve de alternativa à forma convencional como os smartphones Android lidam com livros eletrónicos. Opções extra e mais de uma dúzia de formatos suportados são os trunfos da Moon Reader)... Moon Reader is a nifty Android e-book reader app known for its highly customizable interface. While it may not come with a dedicated marketplace, Moon 's UI makes it stand out from the pack. You can set font styles and sizes, backgrounds, spacing, paging modes, autoscroll, multiple view modes and more. The app is free, but a pro version is also available to remove ads and add PDF support, as well as other extra features. If you already have a sizable e-book collection and are just looking for an Android app to read with, then consider Moon for your e-book reading needs... Moon Reader is an advanced reader for those who would like to import multiple types of books and would like more than the usual options to customise their reading experience. It supports epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar and zip that can be added from your phone storage or downloaded from online libraries. Everything from themes, controls and font to page turn animations and gestures are customisable. It also includes a dual-page screen for landscape mode to complete your realistic book reading experience. It also maintains statistics to keep track of how much you have read, and also warns you in case you have been reading too much at a single stretch... Moon Reader (Free/$6.99 Pro): Enjoying a good book can be tough on a smartphone without a good e Reader app. Moon is both gorgeous and intuitive, with all the customizable options you’d want, including 10 different themes, the ability highlight and annotate text and much, much more.... It's a niggling reminder you're not reading a book; it's the best opportunity in history for people to read more; it's a strain on your eyes; it's convenient and it's complicated. Many refuse to read something as important as a novel on their smartphone, but I believe it is not only worthwhile, but a new window on an age-old pastime... Do you want an e Book reader for Android for free ? Just take a look at the Google Play Store you can find a wide variety of free e Book readers for Android, so it can be difficult to find the best for you. We have found one that is very good, even if it is not too well known: Moon Reader . The name is cool, but what is really interesting is inside. Moon reader delivers a simple and clean interface for the user, sticking to the Google’s material design scheme. While all your main settings and what not are tucked away in the hamburger menu to the left which is easy accessible with a simple swipe from the left thumb. One interesting feature worth noting is the night mode which apply a pretty dark paint job over the bright app for the late night reader (well I preferred to use on default cause it just made everything look lot better)... Ebook files are widely distributed in e Pub file format which aren’t natively supported by Android OS. Also, converting them to other Android supported format spoils their layout and identation. Hence, We present you the Top 5 Best Free Epub Readers for Android which will enable you to directly Read & Open e Pub files on your Android... Reading ebooks is certainly much more comfortable and enjoyable if you use android tablet. To support this, the Best PDF reader app that can increase user comfort and ease in reading their e Books.... One of its key features is support for many file formats, including Epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, etc. Available as both Free & Pro version, Moon Reader offers support to myriad of formats such as epub, pdf, umd, fb2, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, txt, html, zip or OPDS, rar. Other flagship feature is the fully-customized, which means this app can be customized according to the needs and tastes of users. On landscape orientation mode one can actually view two pages (dual page) at the same time. 10 Themes allow you to choose different scenarios or serene backgrounds that will calm your mood eventually. Most of the features that are present in Pro version are present in free version yet Pro version has it’s own advantages... Books in printed form have lost its importance in this digital world. In this era of technological advancement everyone is having a smart device either in the form of smartphone or tablet or kindle... Moon Reader is equipped with both day and night option for comfortable reading. This will reduce the strain caused to your eyes while continuing reading. This app is comfortable features by gesture based controls such as zooming, adjusting the brightness level, lock down certain pages and so on. You are also allowed to download certain PDF files from other websites and you can see the same on Moon Reader Library... It provides an exclusive reading joy by offering excellent control over display settings. With the support for 14 various e Book formats such as epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip and more, it has become the best e Book reader for Android tablets and smartphones. The app also got gesture-based controls to do many things such as zooming, lock the page, adjust brightness level and many more. In customization options, you can change the font type, size, and color, page flips animation and save your settings as a theme. Download an ebook or pdf book on your device and instantly find it in Moon Reader library... There are two versions of this app, free and pro ($4.99). The app supports PDF, EPUB, cbz, cbr, HTML, zip, rar, mobi, fb2, txt, and chm. Moon includes day and night mode, and it allows you to set the font size, bookmark the pages, adjust the brightness when reading, and more. After reading the article by Alexander Shcherbakov «Google Play Books - a convenient and cheap service for reading the classics," some points seemed to me quite controversial. Up to the fact that I wanted to voice their point of view.... Tablets and smartphones has become a complete replacement for the e-books. We use them to read mail, Twitter, news sites, books and documentation. It would seem, here all is clear and there is nothing to explain, but actually there are many nuances and hacking that will make reading text on a mobile device much more pleasant and convenient experience.... Moon reader is one of the most advanced reading apps. Its features include day and night mode switcher; options such as search, bookmark, themes, navigation and font size; five auto-scroll modes; ‘Keep your eyes healthy’ options for long-duration reading and real page-turning effect, among others. You can highlight the text while reading, make annotations and check the meaning of difficult words with the help of an in-built dictionary... All the ebooks that you have on your device are clearly displayed in the app and read is very pleasant. Moon Reader has a clear and intuitive menus, despite the very complex options. When you read dims the light and the background adapts, furthermore, the page is displayed in full screen, with the bottom (very subtle), the remaining battery percentage, time and progress. It contains all the key features: several possibilities to change the view mode (including day / night), the choice of the type, size and color of the font, set margins, line spacing, page numbering, time counter, several options turn pages. An interesting option: Portability ostaniego sentence on a new page, service hyphenation... Everyone tells me it must be bad for the eyes, I'm going to go blind, but honestly, and except for the light from the screen, I think our mobile is a suitable platform for reading as much as any other or more . Clearly it is no better than an ebook electronic ink or a conventional book, but performs its duties with merit... We have found one that is very well, and that may never hear about: Moon Reader. The name is dandy, but the interface and all that offers more... It's great because we offer a great free alternative to enjoy the best e Book reader for Android and without spending our hard We have tested and is wonderful, but we 'll tell you all what he can do... As you can, see Moon Reader includes many features and why do not the have counted all, because there's more.... Sales of dedicated e-reading devices would be healthier if marketers cared about Moon-level versatility, as opposed to their passion for a KISS philosophy, where you’re treated like a novice forever. , in that this powerful app won’t work with it in any form (social DRM is a different story). Want to limit e-book-lovers’ choices of reading apps—and thus their full enjoyment of e-books, despite all the competition from other media? Encryption-based DRM is a great way to nudge people from e-books to Netflix (at least the ones who don’t bother to strip away the “protection” despite the DMCA)... In a touch longtime Pocket readers will love, it’s possible to use the volume rocker to move through a book without touching the screen. There’s also a day and night mode switcher that helps reduce eye strain if you tend to read a lot at night... Few weeks ago when I first thought of writing on the 6 awesome apps that would boost your career, I would have sworn that the Mantano reader premium was the best reader there is in the app stores, even though it comes with a price tag. I had been using it for over a year and it has been awesome though it restricted me to only pdf and epub ebooks. Then I decided to see if truly it was really the best out there, so because it doesn't feel like I'm using a third party app, and it's feature list is going to have me poking around for quite a while. At the absolute least, this is where my next batch of books from Humble Bundle or Amazon are going to live. , turning out to be a hard to resist app for book lovers..will bring you a better mobile reading experience than most other similar apps. Whether you already have a big library of books on your device or want to start a new one by exploring free online libraries, you'll enjoy this app. For those who enjoy reading, there are plenty of e-readers on the market, but more and more apps are being released that can turn the tablet or smartphone you use every day into an e-reader as well. Moon Reader is an e-magazine and e-book app for Android devices that will help you to personalize your reading experience on mobile devices, but what makes it different from similar apps? The list of advantages it holds over other e-reader apps is surprisingly lengthy... E-reader apps are excellent tools for those who want their function without getting a completely separate device from those they already own. (Russian, screenshots and details) Moon Reader is the unofficial title of king-readers. In this program, collected all that is best in the competition. But it - completely separate product with its philosophy, not just a walking set of stamps and peeped competitors "features."... Results Moon Reader - one of the most thoughtful and friendly user-readers. If you do not know what kind of reader put yourself - feel free to start with it. And only then will understand exactly what you are missing to be completely happy... Your Android device might not yet be running Lollipop (and you might be glad of that with recent reports of Lollipop woes), but you’ve probably noticed that many of your apps are sporting the new Material Design look. (Anyone else amused when an Apple app gets updated to a Material Design look, to match the Android version? (Thanks to reader Jon Jermey for pointing it out to me.) Play Books obviously has the new look, but others like FBReader, Aldiko and Mantano Reader don’t yet. Moon Reader Pro is not just an e Book reading program. (At least Mantano finally added full screen mode for Kit Kat.)..., offering: support for a variety of document formats (including epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip, or OPDS), a full array of visual options (like line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, justified alignment, alpha colors, and fading edge), over 10 themes, paging options (such as touching the screen or using the volume and camera keys), customizable options (for screen clicking, swiping, and events like bookmarking), auto-scroll modes, brightness adjustment, page turning effects and animations, along with the ability to backup and restore to the cloud via Drop Box.... It also connects to some free libraries and lets you download from them. Load up your ebook collection and enjoy it in this fully customizable reader which lets you define your preferred aesthetic and even tweak gestures and keys. Some of Moon Reader Pro features are the night mode,text to speech and bookmarking within the text. I suggest you give it try and see if you still need other apps... There seem to be no end to engrossing literature these days and we have more ways than ever to read them. Even though nothing can beat the feeling of the good old paperback or hard cover, our reading habits have undergone a massive shift . Ebook readers, tablets and laptops are all fine but if you are an avid book lover, a few books to turn to when you have time never hurt. The good thing is that your trusty old smartphone is more than up to the task of satisfying your literary cravings... For someone who uses Chrome OS as their primary operating system and owns multiple Android devices, I’m not actually all that comfortable with entrusting Google with my all of my data. Rather than rely on Play Books, , as it happens to virtually dwarf any other app on the market when it comes to formatting options (seriously, why is it so difficult for apps to let me scroll through book text the same way I do a webpage? The reality is that technology continues to merge with different activities in our everyday lives. A good example is found on college campuses where most students are using innovative gadgets. Here are 8 essential apps and sites for every college student, in three different categories... If you’re a type of reader who wants to track your reading progress, why not install Moon Reader? This e Book reader app provides a great control over display settings. It shows that users the data on the reading progress within the current chapter aside from the entire book... Moon Reader has long been a hugely popular e-book application. The application offers a lot of opportunities, but did not update in appearance for years had more. The makers of Moon Reader thought it was about time and have the app features Material Design. With over 10 million installations Moon Reader hugely popular. The new look of Moon Reader is based on Material Design, which is a big change compared to the old design... Guide app for reading your ebook in pdf or epub on Android tablets and smartphones. Discover all applications for free or for a fee, with comments of the editors. Moon Reader has powerful controls & full functions, particularly noteworthy is the variety of files that can support: epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, also open files directly rar, zip and the standard OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System). Just the fact that supports so many file types is probably the biggest added value of this app for reading ebooks. With Android 5.0 Lollipop slowly rolling out to various devices in the next few months, more and more developers are continuing to optimize and adapt some of the design and features to their apps. The Material Design guidelines that Google has been pushing for their products as well as the latest Android update is making its way to a lot of apps, two of those being RSS reader g Reader and ebook app Moon .... Homework, study groups, classes, labs, family, friends, jobs: it’s a wonder how college students get everything done, and still manage to get a couple hours of sleep every night! Productivity, studying, and time management are three areas in which many college students struggle. No wonder, considering the activities many of them are juggling. Some students struggle so much that they eventually fail. There are many apps and websites geared towards making students more productive and ultimately more successful. Moon Reader: This free download allows the user to read e Books online. In addition to this, the user may track his or her progress on the book as a whole and on a chapter level.... You are passionate readers, and you can not give up going to ride with you bringing all your favorite books? If the answer is yes, definitely there will already be facing in the world of e-books, looking for a player that can make comfortable reading on your tablet and smartphone. One of the most famous, also available in a free version, is Moon Reader.... (Russian, super long) Laboratory Overclockers continues to acquaint readers with popular applications for reading electronic books • Entry • Moon Reader ◦ Acquaintance ◦ Getting Started ◦ Reading books ◦ Main Menu ◦ Advanced Settings ◦ Shortcomings and bugs • Conclusions on the Moon Reader ... Because you can never have enough apps in your life, we’ve decided to comb through a recent thread of new Android app recommendations over at Reddit’s Android community and pluck out the best gems for your enjoyment. Some of these apps have been out for a while but some of them are brand new so don’t be shocked if they come with bugs. That said, they’re all highly rated and you can be sure the developers will issue patches to fix any reported issues people may find. And without further ado, here are five more terrific Android apps you may never have heard of. If I could only get one idea out into the wider world this would be it. It's changed mine more than any other technological innovation since I got my first modem back in 1993 and discovered the Internet a year later.... It's the best piece of technology advice I have to give. A lot of options — I mean a lot — make for brilliant reading. Easy control features, smooth interface, a dozen themes, sophisticated display options, five different scrolling methods, a range of gesture controls, backup/restore options to cloud via Drop Box — I could go on. The app supports epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip as well as OPDS. Moon Reader Pro Moon is an e-reader app that supports tons of different formats and makes it possible to read just about anything in digital form on an Android tablet, including ebooks in various formats, PDFs and HTML files. Users also get an easy to use to navigate with a lot of extra useful features, such as the ability to use voice commands, customizable controls, and the ability to share bookmarks, notes and annotations between the users and other readers.... Moon Reader presents you with Aldiko like book shelf interface and has automatic drive scanning utility to look for the compatible books that can be loaded on the shelf. Once the scan is finished, it will load the books along with the cover arts. Moon Reader is fancy ebook reading that supports different formats such as txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS. It offers about eleven pre-installed themes that adjust the fonts, brightness and even background depending on your environment.... Android is not Apple, and I give Apple full credit for making (and facililtating via their guidelines and example apps) elegant and easy-to-use products. ) Reader Pro is one of the few Android apps with this kind of spit and polish. Ninety percent of the features you are likely to use are right at your fingertips. You can dig deeper in the preferences for more obscure settings if you want as well.... Moon Reader lets you customise gesture using say the volume keys, screen swipe and other gestures to execute almost 15 functions including search, bookmark, navigation, font size and a lot more. When it comes to reading, the app gives you five auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode, by pixel, by line by page or real-time speed control. Moon Reader is a very good app for being able to read a various number of ebook formats. It’s also best used with format books, which the app will have plenty of customization options. You won’t need a rooted device for this, so if you’ve got a bunch of ebooks you want to be able to read you can begin.... There are options for horizontal and vertical reading, options for 3D page flip animations, options for highlighting, adding annotations and an option for installing a dictionary. The app also helps you take notes which will be helpful for academics on the move. Moon also supports EPUB3 through which it can play multimedia contents(video and audio). Also the app helps you chose themes to recreate your own personalized reading experience... Not long ago I read in the news that the Internet is becoming increasingly mobile. The use of tablets and smartphones is making these devices use more than others to navigate as your laptop or desktop computer. Many use the tablet as an e Reader good substitute as many applications to read an ebook, as well as to read a pdf. But few in the world that allow us to have a reading experience as good as the e Reader itself, Moon Reader is one of those applications, which Today we present Moon Reader, a reader of books available for free on Android. It is the most downloaded in Playstore, so it's one of the references between reading applications. If you like reading on your Android smartphone or tablet, find the best application of the moment.... Sometimes you just don't have room in your bag to carry a paperback, magazine or tablet-sized e-reader device. So why not make use of the smartphone you already have with you? Your Android phone makes a perfectly good e-reader, especially with the right software. I spent a week using four of the most popular, highly rated e-reader apps in the Google Play Store... Moon Reader is an app that really enhances the reading experience on your tablet. It's also an app to download books, but stands out as perhaps the best ereader. Moon Reader has a lot of options when choosing how to display the contents of your ebook, and the details are customizable, including the color of the background and the font used for the text. It also has 10 default themes including one for night time reading, so as not to disturb those around you, and allows you to sync your books on Dropbox to make them accessible everywhere... Users of Moon Reader and Moon Reader Pro were pleasantly surprised today to receive an update to this great Android-only ebook reading app, bringing them to version 2.3.5. Moon Reader is a well designed ebook reading app with many features to customize your viewing experience. It easily ties in to several online ebook services, including Project Gutenberg, and can handle many ebook formats, including . You are greeted with a bookshelf of your last read books and easy to find links to find and import more books. Your progress is always saved and you can even bypass the main bookshelf to return to your position when entering the app. Moon Reader is bij veel Androidgebruikers en e-book-liefhebbers d;e favoriete e-book-reader. De applicatie wordt vooral geprezen om zijn slimmigheden. Moon Reader filtert automatisch grote witte vlakken uit je e-book en maakt het onder andere mogelijk de functies achter de toetsen op je Androidtoestel en/of tablet te configureren voor makkelijke bedienbaarheid van Moon Reader. Moon Reader synchroniseert tevens waar je gebleven bent met lezen zodat je op een ander Androidtoestel en/of -tablet direct kunt doorgaan met lezen... The Pro version of Moon Reader is the best and most customizable ebook reader you can get in Google Play. It offers many features, such as many different themes, annotations, password protection, reading statistics and the ability to customize the font in any possible way. I am using the Pro version myself and I can only recommend it. You have also the possibility to try the free version first before going for the pro version... Were you one of the lucky people to receive a new tablet for the holidays? Here’s my list of must-have tablet apps for your new device... Once you’ve got it all set up and running, it’s time to get some apps. It slipped my attention at the time, but Moon Reader added a number of useful PDF features a few weeks back. The paid version of this app ($2.49 in Google Play) now enables readers to annnotate the PDFs they read on their Android smartphone or tablet...m sure you are all familiar with the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off all your electronic devices”. Frequent flyers know that speech inside out, but they also know how boring a long flight can be, especially when you don’t have a good book or there is no movie playing... After much reading and testing, I settled on Moon Reader Pro. It will allow me to do everything I mentioned above. Also, I use EPUB' S almost exclusively and it will work with EPUB and the pro version will also work with PDF... Epub3 still isn’t all that well supported in the mainstream reading apps but it looks like the independent app developers are starting to make headway. Moon Reader for Android was updated earlier this week, and in addition to the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability changes this app also gained new support for audio and video... Moon Reader sets out to be the most featured e Book reader out there by offering a massive plethora of options. You can change pretty much any setting you want to when using Moon Reader... While there are lots and lots of options to choose from, it still gets the reading experience right straight away. Things need a little tweaking on tablets but, on 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7, the UI is easy enough to navigate and reading is great. Thanks to all of the options included in the app, there’s very little that users can complain about when it comes to how your books look. You can basically change whatever you want, whenever you want... With Moon Reader, you can organize all your tablet to your taste for reading ebooks. So you can use the hardware buttons on your tablet functions give to browse. You can customize everything, so you can read books. Moon Reader is an application for Android that will help you read any e Book with ease, even if you never used a similar system. The app includes dozens of tools for you to read in a more pleasant and mark important parts of the book. Moon Reader stands out for being very simple to use and rely on tools that make it very easy to read and the creation of annotations. Even those who do not have much skill with the operating system of the device will get along with Moon Reader, since its interface is intuitive and has symbols that represent well all the tools... When Android only appeared at the mobile market (first two years or so), one of the serious disadvantages of this operating system was the absence of decent apps for reading books. Moon Reader has simple and pleasant interface, and a vast range of settings. Right after the installation process Moon Readers offers you to move all books on your Android device into one app folder, connect this folder to the Internet or to open a book from the app library... Moon reader is the next best thing that can happen to your reading experience. This app offers you full functions and powerful controls. it supports almost ever formats like txt, epub, umd, html, rar, cbz, cbr, OPDS and other key features. You can read thousands of e Books that are absolutely free, it also supports e Book libraries online. It also supports multi- window mode and its cute themes enhance your reading experience It’s time to turn your attention to ebooks. While most new Android devices now ship with Google Play Books, that app won’t actually let you read Epub or Kindle format ebooks which you might find on (legit) free ebook sites without jumping through a couple hoops. For that you will need an app like Moon Reader or Aldiko. And if you have a Kindle Fire Android tablet, I would get one app or the other anyway... The usual e-bookware doesn’t always come with or work with text to speech capabilities. Even if it does, we can’t control the aural part as closely as we’d prefer. I myself like the Moon Reader Pro Android app, and I’m in love with the added-on “Amy” voice, a British-accented delight from another developer, Ivona, now an arm of Amazon. But I can’t revisit already-viewed text quickly enough while I’m hearing audio by way of the Moon-Ivona combo... Moon Reader is available in the Android Market and on the Amazon App Store. It has a number of features including: the capability of using numerous file formats, catalog connections, highlighting and annotating, robust personal customization settings and the ability to export notes and highlights... If you're an avid reader, Moon Reader is an excellent app to turn your Android device into an ebook reader at no extra cost. It's one of my favorite ebook readers among others that I've tried on my Android device... Reading on digital devices can be a little disconcerting to people who have grown up reading tactile print books. The mobile screen may feel too impersonal and mechanical. Moon Reader will help you personalize your mobile reading experience. Not only does this app support a wide range of formats (epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip), but it also offers endless customization... I was presenting at a seminar last week, and someone came up to me afterwards and said he’d bought my book and was enjoying it. His only complaint was that the Kindle for Android app didn’t support text to speech, and he wished he could listen to my book while he was driving.“No problem,” I told him. “Ivona and Moon Reader.”...e Books are all the rage and it isn't hard to see why: They're cheaper, easier to carry around, they weigh practically nothing and help save the rainforest (well, in a small way). So why not start reading e Books on your smartphone or tablet? Most users will have (one of) those two devices on them at all time, so why not make the most of them? Moon Reader Pro manages your e Books and comes with dozens of different viewing modes to help make the reading experience as comfortable as possible... I used to have two separate apps to read ebooks and to read comic books but I recently made a wonderful discovery last week when I downloaded the Moon Reader app. It does the two functions that I mentioned above and is stocked with a lot of features... After Moon Reader was reinstated in the app store, I bought a copy to play around with. I figured it would be like other e-reading apps I’ve tried: I’ll use it for a couple of books, but find it’s just not compelling enough to make me switch from the Kindle app. It’s a great app, and worth taking the extra step of manually syncing between my Kindle Touch and Moon Reader. Moon Reader is an e Book reader with powerful controls and full function. It allows readers to browse thousands of e Books for free and also supports online e Book libraries. Moon Reader's innovation allows for reading of local books with smooth scrolling and supports several different formats including txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip and OPDS, making it a robust choice for many different devices. If you love the idea of having one app for everything, then you should consider this e Book reader because it can load almost any type of e-publication you may come across. If you’re looking for a cool and new e-book reader, look no further than Moon Reader Pro, that goes for $4.99 and it’s worth every penny. The app requires Android 2.2 and up and it takes up just 5.4 MB of storage. It’s a professional book reader with powerful controls and features and it has smooth scroll, plus a lot of supported formats... Starting today, Android users can enjoy new reading experience from integration between ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries and Moon Reader, a most popular e Book application, via ABBYY’s dictionary API. Now it is easy to get instant and precise translation of words and set expressions in up to 30 languages directly in the text, without switching attention away from the reading material and leaving the app... It looks like this concept of a completely cloud-based yet service-agnostic ereading experience is starting to catch on, because now Moon Reader Pro offers the exact same functionality as Fabrik. Granted Moon Reader Pro does cost money, but it also comes with a lot more features than Fabrik. In addition to tight integration with Dropbox, Moon Reader Pro also offers full pdf support, including the ability to fill out forms, highlight, and annotate; handwriting support; and more... I once had the use of an i Pad with my previous job. Rather, I very much preferred the smaller form factor, lower cost, and customization of Google's Android table... After leaving the position, I turned in the i Pad and became tablet-less (is that a word? To fill the mobile content consumption void, I bought myself a Google Nexus 7. Aldiko’s not appropriate if you plan on constantly rotating the collection of ebooks on your mobile device. Instead, a combination of Calibre, Moon Reader, and Drop Box seems to do the trick. Consider using Moon Reader as your default reader unless you need Aldiko’s capabilities for dealing with large ebook collections, as Moon Reader has a more polished reading experience than Aldiko... The main reason I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab was reading. It sounds like I was going to crack a nut with a binocular microscope, but in reality I really didn’t need anything else from this device. Of course I knew it could do really a lot and for reading I could get a simple e-reader which could cost me three times cheaper by the way, but I was (and still am) an Android fan and I wanted to see this super popular thing in action… What I saw was far beyond all my expectations, I mean the Tab appeared to be a lot better than I thought, but I still use it for reading mainly and the software I chose for that is pretty much what this post is about... Moon reader app has a book shelf interface quite similar to the Aldiko reader. The app is capable of recognizing e Book formats like html, txt, e PUB, CHM, umd, fb2, zip and OPDS. It automatically scans SD cards along with the internal memory of the handset and imports books available on the hard drive... I divoratori di e Book che possiedono uno smartphone o un tablet Android potranno avere il piacere di fare il download gratuito di Moon Reader un’App per la lettura di e Book dall’interfaccia pulita, con funzionalità avanzate e tanti controlli utili: uno dei migliori lettori di e Book che possono essere scaricati da Play Store... Moon Reader is a nice ebook reading app to use on your Android phone or tablet. Moon Reader supports ebooks published in epub, html, ODPS, and many other formats. You can open ebooks that you have saved on your device or search for new titles through the Moon Reader... Read books in various formats such as e Pub, txt, html, chm, fb2, umd or zip, with user settings for visuals, controls and themes. You can also bookmark, highlight, add notes and lookup words, and get free ebooks from online libraries... En el Android Market podemos encontrar muchas aplicaciones para leer libros electrónicos en la pantalla de nuestro móvil o tableta con Android, cada una tiene su atractivo particular, sin embargo entre tantas, existe una que me ha llamado mucho la atención y me he decidido a probarla: su nombre es Moon Reader, y al usarla pude darme cuenta de que no por nada está galardonada como una de los mejores aplicaciones de este estilo... These programs have received Best Software Awards in 2011. Best Software Awards are selected from 35000 applications, available on The selection is based on these factors:customer polls feedback Handster editor's reviews. Software vendors are free to use Award Logo in the program description, the website or in any other online or printed media... Vorbei die Zeiten, wo die Auswahl an Reiselektüre sorgsam abgewogen werden musste, um kein Gramm zu viel im Gepäck zu haben. Bleibt nur noch die Frage nach der passenden App -- wir stellen Moon Reader vor... E-Book Reader gibt es inzwischen einige, hinsichtlich von Bedienbarkeit und Funktionsumfang unterscheiden sie sich jedoch erheblich. Der Moon Reader Pro gehört diesbezüglich zu den Stärksten seiner Gattung... With phone screens getting bigger, and Android tablets about to explode (not literally) onto the scene, now’s a great time to start reading e Books on your Android device... While I dearly love my Kindle, my smartphone is always with me. Also, the Kindle doesn’t have a backlit screen (which is the whole point of a Kindle really), and sometimes a reading lamp spreads too much light – such as when your significant other is trying to catch some sleep and you want to read in bed. So when I’m out and about, or late at night, I may find myself reaching for my smartphone rather than my Kindle for some quality reading material. When I do that, the app I usually use is Moon Reader, a superb e-book reader... Today, I wrapped up the last little bits of The Secret of Trees, the latest Jobber’s Tale which should be releasing later this month. I’ve described it as a noirish cross between Hellblazer and High Fantasy. The adventure takes place in Worm Wood and there is an evil Tree King, a sinister green-scaled demon in a simple grey suit and a wheelchair-bound professor. This one has something for everyone, but inexperienced jobbers are best advised to steer clear... If you are in the habit of reading e Books in your Android phone, online or otherwise, perhaps this is one application that you should seriously consider having in your gadget. It supports multiple formats and languages, have different themes to choose from, and a very pleasing user interface... If you want a workaround, you can find an excellent application in the Android Market: is called “Moon Reader”. It added many more features than the standard Galaxy Tab app. You can customize many aspects: line spacing, fonts, bold, italics, shadows, fades etc... Ein spannendes Buch im Urlaub oder unterwegs sorgt für Zeitvertreib. Aber vor allem gebundene Bücher sind nicht nur – idealerweise – spannend, sondern in jedem Fall klobig und schwer. Wer nicht möchte, dass das Druckwerk einen großen Teil des Rucksacks oder der Handtasche ausfüllt, sollte sich überlegen, ob er nicht auf dem Display seines Smartphones liest. Denn das Handy hat man ohnehin immer dabei und es passt in jede Jacken- oder Hosentasche. Eine empfehlenswerte Applikation zum Lesen von E-Books auf Android-Smartphones ist die App Moon -Reader... Moon Reader can be intimidating, due to it’s absolutely mind-boggling amount of options. However, if you are an avid book reader and lament the lack of customisability in other e-book readers, Moon Reader, with it’s large range of supported file formats, themes and font customisation will definitely leave you tweaking for a long time to come... I love reading books and since my phone is always with me I prefer reading on it rather than carrying a dedicated ebook reader such as a nook or kindle. Moon Reader for Android is another application with a lush book shelf interface that greets you when you load up the application. I have a Dell Streak which has a 5″ inch screen so that really helps. There is also a handy automatic drive scanning utility that will look at your SD card and main memory and import books into the shelf. I have tried a lot of ebook readers on android – kindle, aldiko, fbreader, kobo and a few others. I liked the fact it scanned both and imported everything without any prompts, complete with cover art... Every couple of weeks, my Palm TX stops working, and the only way to get it working again is to short out its battery quickly in order to clear out the RAM (disconnecting the battery would work, too, but then I'd have to unsolder it and resolder it; hmm, maybe I could solder in a tiny switch? So I need a new home for my large ebook collection. It looks like the current options are i OS and Android... Moon was something of a trend setter in that it was the first app I could find that really embraced the concept of highlighting slider bars. Where other apps force you to try to guess where to stop moving your finger and hope that everything you want highlighted has been selected, Moon has intuitive slider bars that hang well below the text and are easy to position (and reposition) exactly where you want... In the last 6 months since we last had a look at ebook readers there has been many changes, updates and new introductions in the world of ebook readers, some of them good and some not so good. The top 3 ebook reader apps for other devices are:1. By reading regularly, in addition to gaining knowledge, you stand to gain many other benefits.These include mental stimulation, improved focus and concentration, and stress reduction.While some people still prefer physical books, ebooks are quite popular these days.Mostly because people own multiple devices and have ebooks stored on all of them.

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