Advanced PC Cleanup For Windows

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Advanced PC Cleanup – PC Cleaner and Optimization Software

Advanced PC Cleanup main functions Advanced PC Cleanup shows the current state of your Windows PC in one scan. This includes all junk & temporary files along with the areas needed to be taken care of. It shows storage space you can free up. Scan for malware and saved information to secure your identity and system at the same time.

Advanced PC Cleanup For Windows
When you are searching for the best PC cleaner tool, you’ll commonly hear these utility tools can supposedly make your PC super fast by tweaking some stuff. But one thing that’s clear is that your computer can only be made faster up to its designed capacity, still, computer cleaning software does come in handy in some cases. Here some of the best computer cleaners that you can try if you seriously feel the need to use them on your machine. Windows 10/11 users don’t need to go anywhere when looking for a PC cleanup tool. The Storage Sense feature comes with a tool called Free Up Space which can remove unwanted files from your system. Free Up Space also does most of the job as a regular Windows cleaner would do. It’s just that you don’t need to install any third-party app, and it’s completely safe from malware. On the same page, you can also configure how you want to delete temporary files related to apps or if you want to auto-delete files in your Downloads folder after a specified number of days. Furthermore, you can enable the Storage Sense tool if you want Windows 10/11 to clean your hard drive from time to time manually. If you want to do nothing and still want one of the best free computer cleaner for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, then Disk Cleanup could be your choice. However, the Disk Cleanup tool is also available on Windows 10/11, so it could be an option if you don’t prefer Storage Sense. You can use this built-in disk cleaner utility to delete old Windows installation files after a version upgrade. To use Disk Cleanup, just open the Start Menu and search for its name. It’s somewhat slower than the Free Up Space on Windows 10/11, but you can still get rid of a lot of junk that’s living on your PC. CCleaner is probably the most famous Windows cleaner tool among all the ones out there. Not just Windows 10/11 (and older versions), this utility software is also available for mac OS as well. Its paid version Ccleaner Professional Plus is available for $29.95. What makes it one of the best free PC cleaner apps is the numerous feature it offers in addition to data removal functionality. For example, you can use it to wipe your hard drive. While this PC optimizer tool is quite popular, there is a growing skepticism over its use owing to some features such as Active Monitoring that could make users doubt the privacy aspect. However, Piriform has taken steps to tackle those issues. Still, while using it, you should be aware of what options are enabled in the settings. This PC clean up tool comes from the renowned antivirus-maker Avast Technologies. Avast Cleanup can be a good choice for the users who want a reliable and easy to use PC cleanup software. However, this tool from Avast comes with a price tag. But you can take a trial run and see if it suits your needs. Advanced System Care is yet another free PC cleaner and PC optimizer you can take advantage of on your Windows machine. It’s developed by IObit, which makes other useful Windows utility software including Uninstaller, Start Menu for Windows 8, etc. In addition to optimization features, Ashampoo Win Optimizer is one of the best PC cleaner software to delete the junk from your computer. In addition to pc cleaning, it can do other jobs like displaying detailed system information. AVG is popular for its antivirus software, but also offers a lesser-known utlity called AVG Tune UP for PC. It is an efficient PC cleaner tool that can put your system’s background processes to sleep. With background processes managed, you can rely on the software to increase your Windows PC’s performance. The Tune Up software also offers features like junk cleaner, uninstall and startup manager which might prove to be useful for some users. Bleach Bit is yet another efficient tool to clean your Windows machine. The best part about it is that the software is open-sourced. Hence, it does not come with any ads and works on Linux as well. It can delete cache, cookies, temporary, and junk files from your PC easily. It also offers several advanced features for a thorough cleanup. Avira System Speedup is an easy to use application that offers a variety of features to help clean your PC. The software is available on various devices and offers protection against malware as well. It scans your device to remove any redundant files or malicious files that might pose a threat to your PC. You might want to know precisely what data of yours is getting destroyed during the process. When we talk about the typical free pc cleanup utilities for Windows 10/11, they promise to remove various things, including junk files, browser history, browser cookies, leftovers from uninstalled apps, etc. Furthermore, some of these tools also have a paid version, giving you access to more features such as one-click maintenance and so on. I won’t say you should totally depend on computer cleaning software to keep your machine optimized as there are some good practices that every user should follow to keep their PC safe and sound. However, they can be helpful in some scenarios if you choose the right tool. Various Windows cleaner tools are often questioned because there are a lot of evil fishes in the sea. Some cleanup tools only make your computer slower than before. They try to install unwanted software by tricking you, or some of them kill off essential system processes. Some PC optimization tools even try to hype up small, even non-existent issues. They intend to make the user, who isn’t much tech-savvy, panic and end up paying for the software. But my personal experience with a couple of free computer clean up tools hasn’t been that bad. I remember getting a significant improvement in my old PC’s boot time after I cleared the junk data using CCleaner. Still, I won’t recommend using any random cleaning tool to fix your PC. In fact, as it’s said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you rerally want to go ahead and install a PC cleaner on your system, you should analyse which one you need. Say your PC is having issues with the registry, then you should resort to registry cleaners. If your PC has many redundant files, you should first opt for a free PC cleaner to see if it works for you. These are some of the best PC cleaner apps for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, etc. We recommend using CCleaner or Bleach Bit if you really want to use a PC Cleaner. We’ll continue to update this list, so don’t forget to check it out in the coming future. Aditya likes to cover topics related to Microsoft, Windows 10, Apple Watch, and interesting gadgets. But when he is not working, you can find him binge-watching random videos on You Tube (after he has wasted an hour on Netflix trying to find a good show).According to me, one of the most important issues we face while using a device can be, not using the device to the optimum use. Not doing so may bring issues to your device & that’s why tools come up with the System Optimizer feature. Similarly, with the same concept plus some extraordinary features, we have brought you the Advanced PC Cleanup. Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit), Advanced PC Cleanup is a one-stop solution to flush out the unwanted contents from your PC. From disabling the startup items to getting rid of bad behaving files, you can do anything with PC Cleanup. The moment you download & install Advanced PC Cleanup on your system, it will start auto scan & will show you the current state of your PC. This Systweak product does all the things from cleaning to optimizing your system where you don’t need to do anything. There are many features the tool offers you those eventually will optimize your whole PC & keep it secure than ever. Download Advanced PC Cleanup Solely dedicated to Windows OS, the Advanced PC Desktop has been divided into three different categories that include Cleaner, Manager, & Security. All these categories make sure that your system has been cleaned properly, been optimized, & has top notch security walls. The very first feature we will discuss here is Cleaner that has many features to clean up your PC. Considered as one of the best PC Cleanup tools, this Systweak product is a gift to all the PC users. & to line up the best features it holds for us, starts with System Status (Cleaner) that’s quite evident to understand. After the very first scanning (auto), the tool gives you detailed informative analysis from junk files to invalid registry. If you will just look at the above screenshot (top left corner), you will see a term System Status. The above analysis is my PC’s current status that includes everything from the Recycle Bin data to the temp files on my PC. In order to get the one liner description of what those sub-terms do, just click on the “One Click Care” that is exactly below System Status. You will be directed to the above page where you could actually see what the features do & take the proper action accordingly. Additionally, System Status gives you the results on if there are any malware issues on your device. If there are, you must clear out that kind of content & if there aren’t any, your PC is normal (just like the above one). Once you are done with exploring every section of the outcome properly, now is the time to flush out them. This will result in cleaning up your PC in no time & making your system junk files free. You just need to tap on the Clean Now button & all the junk files as well as other unnecessary stuff will flush out of your system. Considering that your PC has been cleaned properly, now is the time to manage everything according to how you want. Using this feature, you’d be able to manage the start up items & get rid of the apps you don’t think are necessary for your PC. All you need to do is, just click on the Manager function (left middle corner), & you will get the list of Startup items for your PC. As you can see in the above screenshot, Advanced PC Cleanup lists out every item that starts running once your system starts up. & we all know the calculation about running more items while your WIndows PC starts as it slows down your system without any doubt. The solution is to, either remove the unwanted items from the list or keep it short from the start. If you will have less Startup items, automatically Windows will take less time to process those items & you’d be able to use your PC faster than before. Or else you will keep seeing the in-progress sign on your cursor for way too much seconds than it’s supposed to. So use the Advanced PC Cleanup tool, click on Startup Manager (under Manager), & delete (bin icon in red) the items you don’t want when Windows starts up. After Startup Manager, you have got Uninstall Apps feature that is quite self explanatory. The feature helps you uninstall the apps that are installed on your device, however, you don’t want anymore. The reasons can be as many as you can count, but if the purpose has been fulfilled & you don’t use it anymore, why keep it in the storage space & pile up unnecessary items. Click on the Uninstall Apps feature & tap on the bin icon in red (right side option). Old Downloads is another important option under Startup Manager that gives you all the old downloaded items including document & media files. With the simplest user interface, all you need to do is, click on the Old Downloads & select the items you want to delete or keep. You have got another way to clean up your PC from unnecessary items & keep the storage clean. The above features under Startup Manager are quite enough to help you control almost everything on your device. From what to run when PC starts to what not to keep on your PC, start cleaning your computer system. Also Read – Security is one of the most important & needed features you look for while installing any software or app on your device. & we all know how vulnerable our devices have become just because the security walls aren’t thick enough to keep the intruders outside. Security means keeping you safe from any of the possible malware, ransomware, or bad behaving content that can compromise your confidentiality. & anything is bearable but no compromise with the security of the net we are in. The Security feature has two sub categories (Malware Protection & Identity Protection) that covers everything around you. Where Malware protection helps your device from coming into contact with any of the ransomware activity, Identity protection helps you wipe out your digital footprints. This feature wipes out the traces of any personal information you may have put somewhere you shouldn’t have been. And as these last two screenshots are of my PC, I’m quite relieved that neither I’m being encountered with any malware or other PUPs; nor I’ve my personal info on any of the online platforms. So once I’ve installed Advanced PC Cleanup on my system, my PC has been cleaned up nicely. I have control over the Startup items as well as can check if there are any places my personal info has been shared. And we all know if you’re using a PC or cellphone, the updates are quite a vital part of the process. You need to keep updating your tools & devices in order to be one step ahead of any malicious activities on your device. So keep updating your Advanced PC Cleanup tool as well & for that, you just need to tap on “Check for Update”. Advanced PC Cleanup is actually a one-stop-solution for your PC as it helps you from deleting the unnecessary contents to keeping your personal info secure than ever. It tells you about any malware attacks & gives you a detailed list of items you can choose while switching on your PC. Overall, this Cleanup tool for your PC is a must & you should not miss a chance to get it right away.Cleaning and keeping your PC fit is of utmost importance, especially if you're browsing the internet quite often or downloading content hosted online. Any file coming from the outside of your machine could harm or damage it. Even if you don't end up with a virus, your computer becomes cluttered the more you use it. Advanced PC Cleanup is yet another solution to the somewhat common problem of PC maintenance. The most important aspect one must understand with such applications is that the innovation factor is quite low. The recipe has been used and reused many times, so there's a tiny chance you'll find something so new and so convincing about an application that has thousands of alternatives. Like in other cases, this app seems to concentrate on adding a plethora of features. With Advanced PC Cleanup you get a junk cleaner, temp file eraser, registry cleaner, trace remover, app uninstaller, and startup manager. One particular thing that should actually make this application stand amongst the better half of the cleaner apps is the fact that its functionality is clearly labeled as it is equally easy to access. You won't be confused by too many menus and by all means you won't have to get a degree in IT to understand how to use it. These are all important aspects of an application like this, mostly because it addresses a big and heterogeneous public. While effectiveness bases itself on the choices you make within the app, provided you set it up right, you should not have any issues. Advanced PC Cleanup is an application for individuals that have not yet made contact with more popular apps such as CCleaner, for example. With the constant decline of more known cleaning applications, programs like Advanced PC Cleanup could end up taking the spot, provided it manages to update its features and offer users an easy way to deal with PC maintenance.

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